Robert Fromont

Robert Fromont a computer nerd involved in the following projects:

Java / JSP / MySQL / NLP Application Development

LaBB-CAT (formerly ONZE Miner) (for the New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour) - an open-source browser-based research tool for linguists or anyone else who has a large collection of transcribed recordings that they want to search and analyse (as seen in Corpora and the proceedings of the 2012 ALTA workshop).

Hexagon - an open-source content management system, e.g. un programador involucrado en los proyectos sigiuentes:

Desarollo de Aplicaciones Java / JSP / MySQL / NLP

LaBB-CAT (anteriormente ONZE Miner) (para New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain and Behaviour) - una herramienta de investigación open-source para linguistas o cualquiera que tenga una collección grande de grabaciones con transcripciones que quieren buscar y analizar (como visto en Corpora y 2012 ALTA workshop).

Hexagon - un sistema de contenidos web open-source, e.g.

Curriculum Vitae - VCard

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